Compulsory yoga and mindfulness sessions are being introduced for employees at the top accountancy firm KPMG.

Sebastian McCarthy
08th June, 2018

Increasing pressure on workers has led the Big Four firm to create a three-day training excursion, which will allow KPMG’s 4,000 auditors to tap into their inner zen.

It is part of a “quality transformation programme” headed up Michelle Hinchliffe, the company’s head of audit.

Dubbed the “KPMG university”, the project will also deal with how to challenge clients on their accounts.

A spokesperson for KPMG said: “There is a hell of a lot of scrutiny in the profession right now, and this is part of a bigger plan to improve that.”

They added: “What we really wanted to do was face-to-face training, so we are doing compulsory three-day away days all round the country.

Everybody from newbies to partners will be taken to the retreats.

Hinchliffe said: “Auditors are under significant pressure to perform and I think stress levels are increasing.”

She added: “The leadership have to help staff to deal with the criticism over the quality of audits, both technically and mentally.”

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