This Study Says You Shouldn’t Let Your Employees Meditate. It’s Totally Wrong–Here’s Why

A recent study concluded that meditation makes employees less motivated. But the study had serious flaws. To everything there is a season. And to every cultural trend there is a backlash. And now the backlash has come for meditation. Once confined to the lifestyle or health pages, you’re now as likely to read about meditation in the business, […]

Do Mindfulness Apps Work?

Research on mindfulness apps is limited, but here’s what we know so far. Want to feel more Calm, get some Headspace, and practice Mindfulness Daily? There are apps for that—hundreds of them, besides the three I just mentioned. These apps make a promise: Rather than investing countless hours and dollars in mindfulness classes or mindfulness-based […]

Mindfulness: how to restore a tired mind

No matter how fit you are, how healthy your lifestyle is, the demands of life and the limitations of our body mean that we’ll get tired at times during the day. Unfortunately our conscious mind tends to get the message quite a while after we first actually become tired. As a result we usually continue […]

Inspire the whole team with mindful leadership

Being mindful at work doesn’t just reduces stress – it encourages your team to care more about what they do, derive creative solutions and remain loyal, says the Imperial College Business School’s Sankalp Chaturvedi. Mindfulness has been around for quite a while. However, its benefits may still not be fully appreciated or used to make teams more […]

Compulsory yoga and mindfulness sessions are being introduced for employees at the top accountancy firm KPMG.

Increasing pressure on workers has led the Big Four firm to create a three-day training excursion, which will allow KPMG’s 4,000 auditors to tap into their inner zen. It is part of a “quality transformation programme” headed up Michelle Hinchliffe, the company’s head of audit. Dubbed the “KPMG university”, the project will also deal with […]

Is mindfulness going mainstream?

Breathe in. Breathe out. Feel more in the moment yet? That’s mindfulness. But is meditation an activity reserved for hippies and lifestyle bloggers, or is it a science-based solution to improving mental health? Mindfulness and meditation are becoming a staple in daily routines for people across the country and less associated with alternative culture. From […]

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