Traduire Scheduling Agreement

Wordpre developer 19th December, 2020

See “APO scheduling agreement” in the SAP glossary (which unfortunately is only offered in English and German): Wouldn`t there be a more accurate equivalent for “Scheduling agreement Number”? Acuity Scheduling can translate your planning page into French, German, Portuguese, Italian or Spanish. Or you can translate Acuity yourself into another language using our Change Scheduling Wording tool. In this case, the full term would be “Scheduling agreement number”? The planning page of each account can be defined in a single language, but there is a circumvention of problems for businesses that need multilingual planning pages. However, “Scheduling Agreement” also seems to be used elsewhere. “When you put the purchase delivery plan into SAP R/3 and transfer it to SAP APO, the transportation route was created between the supplier and the plant… The full term actually seems to be “Purchase Date Agreement” If you don`t see the drop-down list of the language, you`ve probably already translated your customer cheduling page via the De Change Scheduling Wording tool. If you`ve already translated your customer planning page with the change planning writing tool, acuity prefers to have your customer planning page automatically translated, contact our support. . “Order number” (referenced on an invoice) is usually “order number.” Note: This option does not automatically translate the automated emails that Acuity sends. You can re-shape our customizable messaging models even in your company`s settings > email settings. The German equivalent shown is the delivery plan (“delivery schedule”). It`s a way to refer contracts. Root contract / Section number that corresponds to the delivery number. This is the French equivalent that appears for “Scheduling Agreement” in several SAP educational materials that I found on the Internet. See, e.g.: Frequent Short Expressions: 1-400, 401-800, 801-1200, Plus Delivery or Order Delivery Schedule.